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Another Act of Kindness Makes a Big Difference

The spirit of ultimate service is alive and well in The United Family, this time from store #555 (United Supermarkets, 1585 and Indiana, Lubbock).

What could have been an inconvenient frustration for a guest shopping in a store that’s not her usual location turned into a moment of heartfelt gratitude for Tyler Conner and Tyler Murphree; team members who made sure our guest was taken care of.

As has happened to probably everyone who has ever gone shopping with children, guest Amber Park checked out with her groceries, five kids in tow, and forgot to get her cash back.

Tyler and Tyler sprung into action and not only got her cash rounded up, but Tyler M. got in his car and delivered Amber’s cash to her personally.

He says, “It’s more of a personal thing. You don’t want to leave a sour taste in someone’s mouth.”

Amber posted her experience in the NextDoor app and before we knew it, the thread exploded with neighbors sharing their own stories of ultimate service.

We’ve said it before… never underestimate the power of a small act of kindness.

Take a look at the full story from our friends in the Lubbock media at KLBK Channel 13.

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