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Love is in the Air…and at the MALL!

Cupid pays a visit on Valentine’s Day, on the same date, every year.  However, every year people can be found hustling around trying to find the perfect gift for their valentine.

In 2017 the Midland/Odessa region decided to set up a shop in the middle of the Midland Park Mall, bringing the gifts to our guest.  The shop was located in a high traffic area outside of Dillard’s, Coach, Zales, Gordan’s Jewelers, Kay Jewelers and accessible from the main entrance.   Who doesn’t like chocolate covered strawberries, roses and a large cuddly teddy bear, right?  The shop provided the perfect additions to the diamonds or handbag that guest were at the mall shopping for.  The shop also provided Valentine’s Day décor, bath fizz cupcakes, balloons, potted roses, cards and the traditional heart shape boxed chocolates.  They really did provide a one-stop shop for Valentine’s Day gifts.

This year, other regions will follow the lead and set up a shop in their area malls:

Midland- Midland Park Mall

Odessa- Music City Mall

Lubbock- South Plains Mall

Albuquerque- Cottonwood Mall


So if you are out among the hustle and bustle searching for the perfect gift, be sure to stop by one of our mall shops!

DON’T FORGET, do the extra!

Don’t forget that all team members receive 10% off of Floral and Bakery products! Simply enroll in the team perks program, if you’re not already enrolled, and use your Rewards number at check out.  So do the extra for your valentine this year!

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