Frisco was a part of the Prosper High School homecoming parade! - United Family Blog
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Frisco was a part of the Prosper High School homecoming parade!

#562 in Frisco had a chance to participate in the Prosper Homecoming parade and cook out! And they had so much fun! This was the first time our store has been a part of the homecoming festivities but it won’t be their last.
“Being a part of the Prosper Homecoming Parade was an inspiring event for my team and myself.  The amount of positive support from those folks beside the road on the parade route was very heart-warming.  We all heard shouts and cheers from countless parents and kids as we rolled along throwing out candy.  The city of Prosper loves Market Street and you could feel that from everyone we came in contact with that day,” Kevin Freeman, Frisco Store Director.

#562 was voted Prosper’s Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year last year and they’re not even in the city limits!

#562 partnered with Carpet Tech for the event for the cookout.

Safe to say – a great time was had by all!

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