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Lending A Hand

It’s not uncommon of our team members to do the extra, that’s who we are and today we want to shout about it!  Allen Strange and Mike Fuller from store #560 are two that are always lending a hand and did exactly that when the Northeast Tarrant Lions Club needed assistance.

The Lions Club were the recipients of a large donations drive: diapers, clothes, linens and socks, but needed help transporting across the Dallas metroplex to a low income PTA clothes closet.

Not only did Allen and Mike arrive ready to transport, they loaded the boxes full of donated items and unloaded them once they arrived at the school.

So how did we find out you ask? Well, a very kind letter landed it our mailbox, sharing the great story of these wonderful guys!  Awesome, right?  You see, that’s what makes us who we are, people always willing to help others, The United Family.  A family indeed.


Thank you Allen and Mike for lending a hand in a time of need.

“We could not have done it without them- they were great.”

-Debby Perella, Northeast Lions Club

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