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A Little Late BUT We Have a Winner!

In just 7 days, we sold 8,144 cakes – That is incredible!
Contests like these are so fun – and seeing all the cool, innovative things you all do is really neat! Every year just keeps getting better! Keep knocking it out of the park, guys!

But the real bragging rights are going to: #513 (United, Vernon). What an AWESOME way to show what can happen when everyone gets behind a goal!  🙂

And the winner of the BEST Pineapple Upside Down Cake display: COLLEYVILLE #560! Congratulations to Morgan, Bakery Manager, and to your team on having an amazing pineapple display, TWO years in a row!
How cool are those hula dancers? One of the dancers works for us on STREETside, but also teaches Hula dancing in her spare time!

I smell revenge coming on! Who will take the TOP DISPLAY HONORS away OR will #560 make it 3 years in a row?!

Click here to see video of #560’s display!

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