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Work Hard, Study Hard

The Food Sales Associa/on (FSA) works with retail partners to provide college scholarships for graduating high school seniors and young adults. Eligible applicants must be working at one of the participating food retailer and be seeking an undergraduate degree. FSA inspires and encourages individuals with the desire for education while fostering their interest in the food industry and we’re thrilled to announce that three of our very own were awarded scholarships this year!

Drew Ducote FSA Scholarship recipient

Drew Ducote
Market Street 565, Flower Mound, TX
Store Director: Chris Trevino
Current Position: Cashier
Drew is obtaining his environmental science degree at Texas State University.

Jacob Kaleski
Market Street 561, McKinney TX
Store Director: Mike Foster
Current Position: Produce Lead
Jacob is pursuing a finance degree.

Marissa Klein FSA Scholarship recipient

Marissa Klein
Market Street 563, Allen, TX
Store Director: Jason D’Onofrio
Current Position: Starbucks
Marisa is pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

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